Brand Your Business With Custom Scents

Scent Your Business Petals & Wicks candle bar in Hamilton, OH offers a fun and unique way to keep your brand top of mind with custom scented candles and bath products. We’ll help you create a scent that represents your business and design a custom label with your branding message. Custom candles created specifically for…

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Scents of the Season – Autumn

The changing of the seasons are truly some of the most simple and inspiring wonders of nature. Summer, winter, spring, and autumn all offer their own different scents that evoke feeling, spark memories, and can completely change the atmosphere in our homes. Do you know that you can transition the aroma of your home with…

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The Best Scents for Your Home: 15 Tips from the Pros

Check out the recent Redfin article we were featured in: The Best Scents for Your Home: 15 Tips from the Pros The smell can play a huge role in influencing our mood. Just as certain paint colors can impact the way you perceive a room, fragrances can instantly elevate and set the room's tone. While…

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History of Candle Making

History of Candle Making petals and wicks hamilton

There has always been a need for light to see by at night. In prehistoric times, fire was the only source of light to see at night. However, the need and desire arose for something more portable, smaller, and more useful so that light could be transported. There were torches that allowed people to transport…

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4 Benefits of Candles

Before the advent of electric lights, there were candles. Candles were necessary to see at night, and outside of the family hearth, was the only source of light at night for many people. Families would gather around the hearth and the candles in order to do their nightly tasks, such as sewing, reading, or whittling.…

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Scent Training After COVID-19

Title: Scent Training After COVID-19 petals & wicks hamilton

Many people lose their sense of smell after they catch and recover from COVID-19. This can be very disconcerting, considering that we rely on our sense of smell to enjoy the world around us. So what can you do if you’ve lost your sense of smell? Petals & Wicks is a scent bar in Hamilton,…

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