Q:  How long does it take to make candles?

A:  It typically takes 25-30 minutes depending on how many candles or body products you choose to make.  


Q:  When will my candle be ready to take home?

A:  After you pour your candle, it takes a minimum of 2 hours to solidify and be ready for pickup.  Depending on the size of the container it may take longer. If you can’t make it back the same day, you can pick up another day. We also offer shipping for a flat $10 rate. Enjoy lunch or dinner while you wait for your candles to be ready for pickup.


Q:  What can I do while I wait for my candles to be ready?

A:  Shop our beautiful historical downtown boutiques, enjoy a smoothie or hand dipped ice cream, visit a coffee shop, or grab lunch or dinner or a DORA cup from one of our local restaurants.


Q:  If I make body products, do I need to wait to take it home?

A:  No, make your favorite Luxe body product and take it home.


Q:  We have a reservation at a restaurant. How much time should we allow at the candle bar?

A:  Allow 45-60 minutes to make your candle or body products, visit our body shop and check us out.


Q:  How much does it cost to make candles or body products?  

A:  Candles are $21+. Body Products $16+. We offer weekly specials.


Q:  Do you have any type of specials?

A:  Enjoy a variety of weekly specials within the candle bar and marketplace. Sign up for our newsletter for our most current promotions.  


Q:  What are your hours?  

A:  Our hours change seasonally. Our most current hours are posted on our website, Google, and social media.


Q:  What’s your most popular scent?

A:  It depends on the season; however, year round our most popular scent is Honey Crisp Apple.  


Q:  Do I need a reservation?  

A:  Yes, for Friday, Saturday, and Sundays. You do not need a reservation during the week. However, we encourage reservations and do our best to accommodate walk-ins.


Q:  Can I reserve the candle bar for a party for a birthday, bachelorette party, anniversary, etc.?

A:  Yes! We have a party bar that can accommodate up to 15 people.  


Q: Can you accommodate a larger group?

A:  Yes. Call the candle bar at 513-316-2307, and we will help you plan a private after horus candle pour.  


Q:  Do you have bulk or wholesale programs?

A:  Yes. We offer both bulk and wholesale programs. View our personalized and wholesale pages on our website.


Q:  Can I get a personalized label?

A:  Yes, on bulk orders of 12 or more candles.


Petals & Wicks is proud to offer our scent bar to the people of Hamilton. Making your own candle scents is a family-friendly, fun time that you can enjoy with friends and family, as a team building event, or as a celebration, such as a birthday party or bachelorette party. Call, or book online today!

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Party Bar Workshops

We have 2 candle bars; Main Candle Bar & Our Party Bar.

We encourage online reservations for any person or group. Our Main Candle Bar is limited to no more than 8 people and Our Party Bar can accommodate up to 15 plus our team.

Party Bar Rental - Rent The Party Bar for any occasion: birthdays, bachelorette, anniversary, bridal/baby showers, team building or any cause for celebration.

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