Stella – The Product Line Dedicated to Stella Weiler Taylor


Tea at Straubhouse-White Tea & Fig

With light notes of reed and white tea blooms combined with the luscious fragrant scent of fig and sweet berry.

Moonlight-Tropical Fruit and Citrus

With a wispy note of lush palm leaf and passion fruit blended with a beautiful citrusy aromas of tangerine and candied oranges.

Lavender Memories-Lavender and White Tea

With delightful welcoming notes of herbal white teas paired with an airy and delicate note of garden fresh lavender.

Sweet Anjou-Apple & Pear

With crisp sweet notes of juicy red apples merged with a sophisticated and bright pear accord.



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Soap: Our premium bar soap is made from oatmeal, but that does not mean you can eat it! Oatmeal soap exfoliates the skin naturally, covers up odor, and moisturizes your skin.  All that in one little bar!

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Candle: This natural soy candle is hand-poured using premium fragrance oils and a cotton paper wick. It burns clean, even and true-to-scent for 80 hours or more.

Shower Gel: A 2-in-1 shower gel and bubble bath.  This cleansing shower gel creates creamy bubbles and helps fight dry skin.


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We simply cannot contain our excitement when it comes to being a part of the revitalization of Hamilton! For this reason we wanted to shed light on a piece of history that had been waiting in the shadows for someone to come along, take it off the shelf, dust it off and show it some love.
Many things can be said about men who accomplished great things in history but we wanted to do something a little different. Our mission was to find a woman who was a generous part of Hamilton’s history and showcase her to the locals and to all who will be traveling to our bustling little town!
During our search we stumbled upon the perfect gem, Stella Weiler Taylor, Hamilton’s Grand Lady of Letters. Stella’s family owned the Straubhouse, a local hotel.  She was introduced to many celebrities and travelers who often spoke of her column , “Rosemary-That’s for remembrance, a series of lavender scented memories”, Which captivated charming Hamilton. Stella was a poet, author and a figurehead of philanthropy for the arts and social affairs. Stella also wrote the song “My Hamilton” with a friend and peer Will Lebo.

One of my personal favorite poems written by Stella:

Impromptu in a Flat

As I open my eyes to the new day
The aroma of your morning coffee floats into my bedroom windows like a gay-winged butterfly.
I do not know who you are, nor where, in the flat, you live, but there is a subtle something about the fragrance of that coffee ( In German it’s gemütlichkeit), That takes away my solitude.
I do not know who you are, nor where in the flat you live- but the fragrance of your spirit, sweet, clean and unafraid, floats along with the scent of the coffee.
I picture you at a white-spread table, with your coffee in a bright little cup, An orange,-egg-on-toast,-perhaps some jam;
The morning sun shining upon your hair as you, with your folded hands, repeat your grace.
I do not know who you are, nor where in the flat you live, But I thank God’s angels that you are in the world,
And that they have brought (up the fire-escape)
The aroma of the coffee and the fragrance of your spirit to bless my morning!

Stella Weiler Taylor

I think this poem captures the beauty of her heart, her personality and her love for mankind and I believe if we could all have such beautiful blessings for complete strangers what a charming start to the day we would all have.

Due to her one-of-a-kind personality, and beautiful soul we have decided to launch our Signature line, Stella! We will have a variety of scents with each scent being merged with one of Stella’s poems of art! Our new scents will include; Tea at Straubhouse with a signature blend of white tea and fig, Moonlight with a signature blend of tropical fruits and citrus, Lavender memories with a signature blend of white tea and lavender, and Sweet Anjou with a signature blend of pear and apple. Also don’t forget to pick up a scent flight with two bonus scents! We are so excited to share Stella with you all and we just know you will love her as much as we do!

Stella was a lovely woman who should be celebrated, a woman who gave love and passion to all as we would like to offer not only the citizens of Hamilton but to all the travelers who come to experience our breathtaking home. This is why Stella Weiler Taylor will always be known as Hamilton’s most beloved citizen.

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Sweet Anjou (Apple and Pear)12oz Lotion, Sweet Anjou (Apple and Pear)12oz Shower Gel, Sweet Anjou (Apple and Pear)12oz Hand Soap, Sweet Anjou (Apple and Pear)12oz Sugar Scrub, Sweet Anjou (Apple and Pear)4oz Mist, Sweet Anjou (Apple and Pear)4.5oz Soap, Sweet Anjou (Apple and Pear)17oz Grace Candle Jar, Tea at Straub House (White Tea & Fig) 12oz Lotion, Tea at Straub House (White Tea & Fig) 12oz Shower Gel, Tea at Straub House (White Tea & Fig) 12oz Hand Soap, Tea at Straub House (White Tea & Fig) 12oz Sugar Scrub, Tea at Straub House (White Tea & Fig) 4oz Mist, Tea at Straub House (White Tea & Fig) 4.5oz Soap, Tea at Straub House (White Tea & Fig) 17oz Grace Candle Jar, Moonlight (Tropical Fruit and Citrus) 12oz Lotion, Moonlight (Tropical Fruit and Citrus) 12oz Shower Gel, Moonlight (Tropical Fruit and Citrus) 12oz Hand Soap, Moonlight (Tropical Fruit and Citrus) 12oz Sugar Scrub, Moonlight (Tropical Fruit and Citrus) 4oz Mist, Moonlight (Tropical Fruit and Citrus) 4.5oz Soap, Moonlight (Tropical Fruit and Citrus) 17oz Grace Candle Jar, Lavender Memories (Lavender and White Tea)12oz Lotion, Lavender Memories (Lavender and White Tea)12oz Shower Gel, Lavender Memories (Lavender and White Tea)12oz Hand Soap, Lavender Memories (Lavender and White Tea)12oz Sugar Scrub, Lavender Memories (Lavender and White Tea)4oz Mist, Lavender Memories (Lavender and White Tea)4.5oz Soap, Lavender Memories (Lavender and White Tea)17oz Grace Candle Jar


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