5 Ways To Infuse Your Home With Fall Fragrances and Decor

Autumn is the most beloved season for so many of us, and why not?? The colorful leaves change and fall. The weather becomes brisk, but the comforting scents of fall ignite our senses and keep us warm and cozy through chilly evenings. In the spirit of bidding adieu to summer and ushering in the fall season, check out our list (in no particular order) of the five best ways to infuse your home with your favorite fall scents!

1.) The Classic Candle

First, always choose a soy wax candle. These candles are clean burning and more environmentally and economically friendly than paraffin. Not only do candles emit a continuous aroma, they also add to the seasonal magic by casting a little firelight on your space.

2.) Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers are multi functional—they double as air fresheners and home decor. to make your own at home, find an autumn-themed bottle or jar you love and use a blend of baby oil and one teaspoon of an essential oil blend. Try combining bergamot lemon and wintergreen to create a seasonal blend with some citrusy zest.

3.) Potpourri

Fall potpourri is another aromatic enhancer that does double time as home decor. Placing potpourri in a vase or jar can add a festive fall touch to any countertop or table.

4.) The Simmer Pot

Simmer pots are our new favorite fall fragrance dispersal method! This trend is so simple to pull off, and the mixtures can be made in advance by combining various herbs and dried fruits in airtight containers. Pull them out whenever you want to add some fragrant warmth to your home, and/or give them as gifts to loved ones!

5.) Wax Melts

Trigger the nostalgia of childhood memories, like jumping into a pile of leaves or finding the perfect pumpkin patch, by choosing wax melts as the aromatic vehicle for your favorite fall scents. Just like the above air freshening methods, wax melts are used in warmers of all decor styles. So, personalize your fall fragrance enjoyment by choosing a warmer than reflects your unique style!

Our final suggestion, in case you really need a dose of the real autumn deal, is to pick a pie and bake! Apple pies, pumpkin pies, even pecan pies—they all shine in our kitchens during the cooler months and imbue the rest of the house with there delicious aromas. If you’re simply not a chef, no worries—we understand. Get your fall fragrance fix by pouring your own custom-scented candle or wax melt at our DIY Candle Bar! Or, shop online and choose an at-home DIY kit or another candle from our wide selection of cherished seasonal scents.